September 25, 2006

JOE SIDDLE OBITUARY - Died Sept 25, 2006

Former Negro League player Joe Siddle dies

Associated Press

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Joe Siddle, a former Negro League player for the Kansas City Monarchs, has died at the age of 85.

Siddle's baseball career began with the Goshen Red Wings, a semipro team formed in 1935 in the Goshen community south of Greensboro.

After service in World War Two, Siddle spent time in 1946 with the Monarchs. He returned home the following year and rejoined the Goshen team, which by then was called the Greensboro Red Wings.

The Red Wings competed against barnstorming Negro League teams that came to War Memorial Stadium. They also beat a talented white industrial league team in a game played without publicity to avoid protests from segregationists.

Ten years ago, the city honored Siddle and about 30 other former Red Wings at a ceremony downtown. A plaque commemorating his achievements stands outside First Horizon Park in Greensboro.

Siddle died last Wednesday (Sept 25, 2006) and his funeral was held last Thursday.