November 24, 2002

The following was excerpted from: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Published on 11/24/02. The Advocate would not grant us permission to reprint this article, however, the complete article can be found here:

Special to The Advocate

“Over the years I have had thousands of interviews. Some good, some bad, some rather meaningless, some quite important and a limited few that remain very special.

The one with Ulysses Redd falls into the latter category. I was reminded of his story about his great love affair with professional baseball and basketball when I read his obituary Friday.”

“Redd's honors extended far past the baseball field -- to the battlefields of World War II. Redd received the Bronze Star, the Victory Medal and the American Defense Service Medal. Redd lived a life he enjoyed to the max. Monday it came to an end for the 88-year-old Baton Rougean. I'm certain he will be missed by family and friends. I am thankful for having met Ulysses Redd and heard his heart-warming story.”